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The Full Story

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About Us

We are a restaurant.  We feature local beef and pork from a local Haywood County farm and chicken from Joyce Farms in Winston Salem that is delivered by US Foods.  We purchase animals (hogs and beef) from Presnell Farm which are transported to a USDA processing facility in Tennessee, Stone Mountain Meats, LLC.  Grebleknud picks up the 1/2 hogs and 1/2 beef from Stone Mountain Meats, LLC and delivers the meat back to our location at 68 Howell Street, near Downtown Waynesville.  From there, we cut, cure, grind, roast,and stuff the meat into handcrafted cuts of meat, breakfast sausage, bacon, deli meats, and a variety of link sausages.  We offer our artisan meats in our meat case and feature many of our items on our menu!  Grebleknud Meat Company has a permit to brew beer and will be adding handcrafted beer to the mix during the first part of 2024!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Grebleknud Meat Company is to provide our customers with locally raised meats, a menu that features these meats, and handcrafted beers that cannot be found anywhere else, while maintaining a  consistent commitment to quality, service, and cleanliness.

Our Vision

Our vision is very simple-

Local meat

Handcrafted artisan meats 

Local Meat Restaurant Menu 

 Small batch craft beer

Happy Customers

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