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How do you say "Grebleknud"?




In 1668, the Governor of Virginia asked physician and explorer John Lederer of Hamburg, Germany to come to America to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia.  Lederer accepted the challenge, packed his belongings, and boarded a boat headed to America.  Little did he know a group of Hop (an ingredient found in beer) Pixies known as Grebleknuds had stowed away in his baggage.  They all arrived on the shores of America and made the trek across the state of Virginia to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The Grebleknuds traveled with Lederer until they reached a small town in North Carolina named Sara. The year was 1669.  There the Grebleknuds parted ways with Lederer and continued through the Blue Ridge Mountains settling in their new home in what is now Haywood County, North Carolina.  They continue to live in Haywood County centuries later making beer from ingredients they grow deep in the woods of the Haywood County mountains.  The hops and barley are like no other,  and the pristine waters of Haywood County add to the mouthfeel and tastiness of their beer.  In the wee hours of the night, the Grebleknuds sneak into local breweries to snatch a little yeast that is needed to ferment their beer!

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